I’ve always seen this small corner in the middle of the road leading to a descent. This has always left me curious to head down for a ride.

But then I realized that since it was a long descent I would have to head up and climb like never before. This took me 4 hours to climb back. I’m here trying to write this blog and I’m still with a headache due to exhaustion. I have to write this before I forget the details.

Sora is a rural area that’s been put under massive development from housing projects. The fresh weather that feels like as if you were in the mountains and the sunny environment allows you to escape the city and reach a mountainous area for leisure.

This wasn’t my plan, I really wanted to search for trails and Sorá has been always in my mind. I’ve stayed there many times but never got to visit their trails. It was about time for me to find the first trail and start exploring.

Located in the area of Bejuco, it’s just a matter of riding up from the very entrance. Once you’re riding up just keep going straight until you see a sign that says Sora. After that, after a few minutes, you’ll reach Soralpina. To your left you’ll find a convenience store. Park there and be kind enough to say to the store owner that you’ll park there in return of buying a snack or a drink once you’re done riding.

To reach the trailhead just take the first U turn that leads to a police station and keep going straight, before you start going left you’ll find a corner where you start riding. It should say Manglarito right next to it.

I remember always driving by this corner with a rocky and punchy terrain. This was my first reference and second trail I found. Previously I discovered Cajones de Chame but it was extremely short. It was still steep so it was worth the trip at that time. I just needed something more extensive.

I may have asked for too much. This trail was that and then some!

The following video shows my entire descent and then climbing up really left me exhausted. I usually end up with a headache that can be prevented with two Tylenols.

Turns out that not even the preventive measure could help me out. I needed an additional pair would take away my headache. I’m here still trying to ease the pain. I really need to check myself, this can’t be happening anymore.

Armando Rios